Disaster can strike anywhere.

Fortified by our Security, Medical, and Logistical services, we deliver a dependable, truly integrated approach to full turnkey crisis response. We deliver the community you need with loyal services that protect, guide, and fortify recovery. Overseas or at home, anytime, anywhere.

Response Logistics

Extreme weather and crisis events can unfurl in the blink of an eye. Natural disasters enact lasting damage in mere minutes, and man-made conflicts derail millions — leaving turmoil and vulnerability in their wakes. Our community of logistics professionals stands up to chaos — delivering compassion, turnkey base camp services, and central direction to urgent crisis situations.

GardaWorld Federal Services Base Camps
Mobile Base Camps

In a moment's notice we deliver the power needed to navigate the demanding complexities left behind in the wake of disasters and emergencies—anytime, anywhere in the world. With over 450 experienced first responders and highly skilled logistics professionals trained in the Incident Command System (ICS), we mitigate, respond, repair and recover. Beyond mobile base camps we deliver mobile command centers, kitchens, refrigerator trucks, showers, and laundry centers. Our small cities power substantial life-saving support.

We're There.

We've delivered critical humanitarian support to vulnerable populations through contracts with the Department of Defense, USAID, DOS, HHS, state-level emergency management agencies, and state health and human services agencies.


The gap between loss and preservation is permeated by readiness. Our deep bench of deployable, licensed health care professionals deliver what you need, when you need it, with full turnkey clinics and field hospital operations.

By the Numbers


person staffing program for immediate surge recruitment and mobilization support


licensed supply chain branch offices


medical, security, logistics, and program management personnel ready at a moment's notice

Emergency Medical Support

Shortages of any kind threaten the livelihood of an ecosystem. We have over 5,000 trusted deployable healthcare professionals to augment or fully staff and operate medical missions. From a single nurse practitioner to a complete Role 2 clinic—we're there—with respect and life-saving determination backed by over 15 years of experience.

GardaWorld Federal Services Static Security
GardaWorld Federal Services Mobile Security
Pandemic Response

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the global landscape, ushering in an era of uncertainty. We leverage our vast community of respected licensed medical staff to provide mass testing, vaccinations, COVID isolation wards, urgent staff augmentation, and full turnkey hospital operations.

We're There.

Specializing in medical solutions, we lead in healthcare delivery, crisis response, and field hospital operations. Bridging critical gaps worldwide, from remote locations to urgent situations, we provide comprehensive medical support.


We are the preferred security provider to the US Government and Federal contractors operating in complex, austere, and high threat environments worldwide. Our elite teams and complex security management approach allows us to secure our customers under the most extreme conditions.

Complex threats require effective solutions — and we are the ideal and effective security provider of choice.

Static Security

No one wants to be a sitting duck. Protecting physical locations and assets is a fundamental fastening of our services. From US Embassies and consulates in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe, to US military forward operating bases worldwide — our community of highly trained and licensed security professionals ensure the integrity and the continuity of your affairs.

GardaWorld Federal Services Static Security
GardaWorld Federal Services Mobile Security
Mobile Security

Threat is not a stationary being. Our cadre of former special operations community veterans and experienced diplomatic security professionals introduce a specially tailored mobile security capability in support of diplomatic and military personnel operating in high threat environments. It's in these exacting environments that our knowledge, patience, and priorities prevail against environment-specific threats.

We're There.

We are currently trusted to provide specialized mobile and static security services to the U.S. government and have operated in complex environments around the world.

Canine Services

DHS Safety Act Logo
GardaWorld Federal Services Canine Services

We provide explosive detection, multi-purpose, narcotics detection, hospital, and event canine services worldwide and are the go-to canine provider to the US Government at some of the most critical facilities around the globe.


We have provided trusted canine services to Government agencies and businesses around the globe. We are the premiere Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Third Party Canine Screening Services (3PK9) provider to the air cargo industry and can mobile our 3PK9 Teams anywhere in the U.S. At our state-of-the-art, real-world training center in Summit Point, West Virginia, we provide advanced canine training services to support our growing 3PK9 program nationwide.

We're There.

Specializing in canine solutions, we lead in explosive detection, narcotics, security, and more. Impacting Texas and Afghanistan, we fortify, enhance security, and ensure stability — setting safety benchmarks.

Integrated Risk Management

The more hands, the longer the reach. Together with our sister company Crisis24, we offer protracted global risk management services with the purpose to anticipate, plan, and meet challenges head on anywhere in the world.

With infrastructure in 45 countries, our Global Operations Centers act with always-on intelligence monitoring. This puts you ahead in the global risk scheme and delivers cyber security, open-source intelligence, crisis consulting, travel security, and executive protection.

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