IEMA-OHS Annual Training Summit

GardaWorld is proud to announce its sponsorship of the upcoming IEMA-OHS Annual Training Summit, scheduled to take place from September 5th to 8th at the prestigious Bank of Springfield Center in downtown Springfield. This summit holds a profound significance as a gathering that draws together a diverse community of approximately 1,000 participants. These attendees span various sectors, including emergency management, law enforcement, fire services, public health, public works, non-governmental organizations, and other professionals wholeheartedly committed to safeguarding the public interest, both in preparation for and response to emergencies.

Our sponsorship of the IEMA-OHS Training Summit underscores our unswerving dedication to enhancing public safety and resilience. As an organization with a deep-rooted commitment to protecting communities, we recognize the importance of collaborative efforts in the realm of emergency preparedness and response.

Join us on September 5th to 8th at the IEMA-OHS Annual Training Summit held at the Bank of Springfield Center!