Executive Protection

Executive Security While Traveling


Business leaders, foreign dignitaries, and high-net worth individuals in today’s increasingly complex global business environment, are exposed to targeting by subversive groups looking for criminal gain, political advantage, or dedicated to terrorist causes. These same global leaders can also become the focus of extortion and anti-Western sentiment by activist elements due to their business practices, polemic corporate policies, or simply through the existing hostilities which may exist in their marketplace.

Many of these corporations and high-net worth entities rely on GardaWorld’s security support to operate successfully amidst the world’s most challenging environments. Our Executive Protection services are designed to keep our charges out of harm's way. This unique security service epitomizes GardaWorld's first business principle: Our primary mission is safeguarding our clients.

We secure corporate leaders, foreign dignitaries, well-known celebrities and others under the threat of physical attack by employing meticulous planning, advance preparations, counter-surveillance methods and protective intelligence analysis.

Our protective details are made up of highly trained professionals formerly of federal, state and local law enforcement and military special operations forces. Services are customized to client needs with extensive consideration given to the risk, the client's environment and discretion.

A Risk-Driven Approach to Executive Security


Our Executive Protection Specialists apply a risk-based approach to managing potential threats to clients. Before we can apply appropriate measures of security, we must first assess the risks. GardaWorld’s threat management process breaks down into three distinct areas: strategic, tactical and operational. At the strategic-phase we research, establish, and quantify all risks to the Principal/organization that are general and specific in nature.

Once measured, we then apply resources commensurate to the risk level and desired protective profile. The resultant security operations deployed around the client is therefore pre-planned to mitigate, avoid or diffuse any of the threats they could encounter.

Our People


Our commitment to delivering total quality service in demanding and critical roles requires and uncompromising standard of excellence. Nowhere is this standard more clearly reflected than in our approach to identifying, recruiting, training and operationally deploying our people. These Executive Protection Specialists are purposely trained and experienced to manage emergency evacuation, first-response emergency medicine, threat assessment (crime, terrorism, potential for natural disaster, health risks etc.), advance procedures, counter-surveillance, as well as liaison and vetting of foreign security and transport support providers. Our staff of highly capable security professionals provide an effective combination of operational experience and individual savvy to any organization determined to protect its people and assets.

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