Executive Protection Services

Since 2003, GardaWorld has delivered successful & dependable close protection, journey management, and secure driver services to major international organizations, private corporations and at-risk individuals. Clients have included high net-worth families, religious leaders, foreign dignitaries, royalty, and heads of private industry.

GardaWorld’s Executive Protection Specialists are purposely trained and experienced to manage emergency evacuation, first-response emergency medicine, threat assessment (crime, terrorism, potential for natural disaster, health risks etc.), protective advance procedures, counter-surveillance, as well as liaison and vetting of foreign security and transport support providers.

Our protective details are made up of highly trained professionals formerly of federal, state and local law enforcement and military special operations forces. These specialized services are customized to each clients’ needs, with extensive consideration given to current risks, the operational environment and the principals’ desired protective profile.

A Risk-Driven Approach to Executive Security

Our Executive Protection Specialists apply a risk-based approach to managing potential threats to clients. Before we can apply appropriate measures of security, we must first assess the risks. GardaWorld’s threat management process breaks down into three distinct areas: strategic, tactical and operational. At the strategic phase we research, establish, and quantify all risks to the Principal/organization that are general and specific in nature.

Once measured, we then apply resources commensurate to the risk level and desired protective profile. The resultant security operations deployed around the client is therefore pre-planned to mitigate, avoid or diffuse any of the threats they could encounter.

We engage indigenous, vetted executive protection specialists and secure drivers in 75 cities over 5 continents who are ready to deploy on an ad-hoc basis. This global network of protection professionals is managed by region, engaging both expats and indigenous EP specialists as dictated by mission requirements. We believe that we are uniquely positioned to successfully respond to this operational need as we bring an innovative and global security solution to the market.

Indigenous Security Assets

Short-term Executive Protection and Secure Driver Services are currently available in the following countries:

Close Protection


Close Protection refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of the Principals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, recognized status, perceived wealth, associations or geographical location. This service includes detailed planning and advance preparations, using the latest counter-surveillance methods coupled with protective intelligence analysis and reporting in conjunction with physical ‘close-in’ escort security.

As no two environments are precisely the same, close protection services are customized to your specific Protective Detail requirements, with extensive consideration given to the risk, the environment and discretion.


The purposes of Protective Advances is to minimize the risk(s) to the Principal by creating a secure environment. Additionally, the purpose of Counter-Surveillance Operations deployments is to detect and negate surveillance on the Principal’s activities.

Advance and Counter-Surveillance work may include:

  • Security planning and arrangements made prior to and about the visit of a Principal to a given area
  • Advance site inspections
  • Route Surveys of all known/selected routes of travel
  • Deployment of counter-surveillance and surveillance-detection techniques in all areas of operation
  • Protective intelligence gathering

Protective Detail

Close Protection is the inner-most function of the protective effort provided by the Protective Detail. It requires maintaining continuous close proximity to the Principal during protective movements to cover and evacuate the Principal from harm. To that end, close coordination among the Protective Detail members during movements is essential.

Close Protection work may include:

  • Escort protection of Principal(s) during all movements
  • Escort Agent within a Protective Detail Formation (ex. Lead, Right, Left, Rear)
  • Static Post Security (Principal is in a room, open area, vehicle, inside residence/hotel room)

Secure Drivers


Case studies of attacks on VIPs in modern history reveal a common vulnerability: The majority of these incidents occurred while driving to or from home and work. Therefore, Protective Driving is a critical when operating in high-risk environments or in protection of VIP individuals.

The regional threat assessment determines if Principals require a full- scale protective detail (close protection, counter-surveillance operations, and secure drivers). The provision of secure ground transport ensures that our Principals remain safe during the most vulnerable times: whilst in transit. Our Secure Drivers can begin the advance process by selecting appropriate routes with alternates and designing ground transport plans that maximize security and safety during daily movements once a travel tasking order is received. Emergency evacuation contingencies are also a key component of this planning, noting safe havens along each route.

GardaWorld’s Secure Drivers are equipped to:

  • Coordinate with the principal’s and/or designee daily for travel security planning
  • Perform security advances on all local venues to be visited – this includes routes to be traveled, and site-specific venues
  • Access GardaWorld’s Protective Intelligence to review vital and relevant information in real time, including GardaWorld GPS tracking and monitoring
  • Identify and coordinate with emergency services, including police, fire, ambulance services and hospitals
  • Provide counter-surveillance for assigned principals during operations when manpower allows
  • Specially trained in surveillance detection, attack-recognition, route analysis, escape and evasion, vehicle dynamics, counter-surveillance, and emergency medical procedures

Residential Estate Security


Our Residential Security Programs safeguard the Principals and their properties from invasions of privacy, home invasion and other threatening disturbances. We engage onsite physical protection measures that combines cutting-edge security technology with manpower that is trained in threat detection and response.

24/7 manned Estate Security Program management requires a clear understanding of all risks facing the Principal and their Family. We then implement a protective program that melds with the Principal’s lifestyle and preferences by considering how they utilize their homes and how they prefer to interact with the security agents and the protection program procedures.

Our customized Estate Security Programs are sustainable as they are based on the clients’ security needs and preferences. These residential protection services for our Principals are provided both as part of an overall executive protection program and as a stand-alone service.

Executive Protection Training

Download our brochure: GWFS EP Course Brochure

GardaWorld is the largest provider of Diplomatic Security around the world. Using our depth of experience operating in hostile environments and in managing Corporate Protection Teams worldwide, we offer an intensive, content-rich Executive Protection Fundamentals Training Course. This specialized training is delivered by some of the most experienced EP professionals, with real-world, high risk, and corporate security acumen, in the industry.

Our Executive Protection Training Course is an open enrollment class offered quarterly. It is designed for corporate security professionals, active duty Law Enforcement, and Military Personnel wishing to gain a fundamental understanding in the field of Executive Protection. Students who successfully complete this course are operationally ready to integrate into EP Programs.

Our People


Our commitment to delivering total quality service in demanding and critical roles requires and uncompromising standard of excellence. Nowhere is this standard more clearly reflected than in our approach to identifying, recruiting, training and operationally deploying our people. These Executive Protection Specialists are purposely trained and experienced to manage emergency evacuation, first-response emergency medicine, threat assessment (crime, terrorism, potential for natural disaster, health risks etc.), advance procedures, counter-surveillance, as well as liaison and vetting of foreign security and transport support providers. Our staff of highly capable security professionals provide an effective combination of operational experience and individual savvy to any organization determined to protect its people and assets.

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