Explosive Detection Canines (EDC)

Canine Security


Canine Security - which includes explosive and narcotic detection, protection, and tactical/special operations canine services - is a global, industry-leading product provided by GardaWorld Federal Services. From the boardroom to the battlefield, our expert staff of Project Managers, Trainers, Handlers and Working Dogs provide our clients with a deep sense of confidence and security.

Industry leading canine training and working dog selection


Our canine training staff is comprised of Master Trainers with decades of expertise across, DOD, DOS, NAPWDA, and international standards. Our dedicated Canine Training Center was purpose built to meet the diverse training needs of our government, private, and international clientele. We have long standing relationships with the best working dog lines in Europe and North American to ensure we provide our customers with the best working dogs available worldwide.

Contract Working Dog Teams with global reach and experience


With nearly one thousand Contract Working Dog Teams deployed worldwide, we have a proven track record of successful deployment, operation, and project management of canine security programs in the harshest of environments. From Africa to the Middle East, from global embassies to corporate events; we have the experience, past-performance, global support required to provide our customers with industry-leading canine services anywhere in the world.

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