Airport Security

Protecting the Public and Private Sectors


Airport Security is the protection of public and private sector aviation transportation systems by enforcing strict passenger, baggage, and cargo screening methodology and physical security best-practices in both international and domestic airports worldwide. Since 9/11, GardaWorld has become a leader in airport security across North America by rapidly adapting to change and by investing heavily in constant training for its personnel.

Screening Services


GardaWorld Federal Services provides a full range of airport screening services, including;

  • Passenger screening using Government certified screening officers
  • Baggage and Cargo screening using up-to-date explosive trace detection, x-Ray screening technology, and canine searching
  • Airport Entry and Exit physical security
  • Airport emergency and tactical response

GardaWorld has unmatched experience designing and operating airport security programs at CAT X and CAT 1 airports in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa, as well as 31 additional airports across North America. We have the ideal Airport Security experience and unmatched international resources to deliver trusted Airport Security Services to any airport across the globe.

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